Your RAResident Assistants play a crucial role at universites and colleges and through this experience a large array of skills are developed and used from the Resident Assistant. Resident Assistants gain skills in counseling, conflict resolution, event / program planning, speaking in public, leadership development, and assessment among others.

Before you articulate your Resident Assistants experience to others It‘s essential to review your experiences and identify the talents that enable one to successfully performyour duties. Utilize the steps below to assist you name functional, personal and / or job specific skills that you demonstrate being an Resident Assistants.

* Fostered the development of relationships among 55 residents : consisting of graduate, undergraduate, and international students.

*Planned and implemented programs to aid transfer students in transitioning straight into the university.

* Received programming award for creating and supervising a sheltered teen volunteer project.

* Mentor and advise first year students on academic and private questions and concerns.

* Developed and conducted programs on diversity, chemical abuse, personal development, relationships, and academic performance.

* Manage administrative duties including maintenance requests, incident reports, and room transfers.

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