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A cover letter for a job server or waitress in a restaurant or in a bar must follow certain essential procedural rules. To write the application letter with your CV , you can help the model letter below.

Attached to your resume, a cover letter can be a real plus for your application server or waitress. Provided, of course, to know the write ... If you plan to write one, you can help our motivation letter in adapting to the peculiarities of the job sought.



Name - Name
Postal Code - City


Facility Name
Attn Sir / Madam (name)
or the Human Resources Department
or the Director (According To apply the process)
ZIP - City

Re: Application for a server job (is)
PJ: Curriculum Vitae
(city) on (date) Dear - Title (Title if it is known, and only "Ma'am" or "Sir" if civility the recipient is known).

If the application follows a job: I have read your job offer from the (date) on the server station (is) full / part time (adapt). Deeply interested (e), I wish to offer my services.

If the application corresponds to an unsolicited request: active Looking for a job in your industry, I wish to offer my services as a server (is) full / part time ( a fit) within your (adapt:. bar, restaurant, hotel ...).

holder (Nature graduation, whether it is in the field of hotels and restaurants) / Having trained for ( Nature of the training, whether it is in the field of hotels and restaurants) / Self-taught, I have a first / solid (adapt) experience (specify the number of years you are experienced (e )) year (s), having previously served?

several internships - with similar functions (Specify the path of learning or alternately, if any) / this job is the opportunity to work in a setting that I really like.

Flexible in level scheduling, smiling (e) voluntary and I have the required skills / relational (adapt) to ensure service quality customer service. In addition, resistant (e) to stress, I am able to adapt easily to any situation.

I am so honored (e) to meet you in order to present more detail my motivations, and you address for this purpose ., attached my resume thanking you in advance of care to study my request, please accept, Dear - Title (Title if it is known, and only "Mrs." or "Mr. "civility if the recipient is known) the expression of my highest consideration.




waitress cover letter

waitress cover letter

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