Transfer Request Letter Samples


A transfer request letter must follow certain rules of form and must be written carefull. To write it, you can rely on the example of free transfer request letter below.

Your mail must be adapted to the reason for your request. The example used here has letters and different variants depending on the reasons. for your request family reunification, job change, occupation of a vacant position in the company. In all cases, you must send your letter job transfer request to your employer by letter sent by registered mail with return receipt.


Name - Name
Postal Code - City

Company Name
Attn Sir / Madam (Name), (Title)
ZIP - City
Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt Subject: Transfer of employee PJ. (Specify any attachments required by reason for your request medical advice) (city) on (date)Dear Sir / Madam (title), (Type of position held) within the Service (Service Name) since (date), I wish to hereby inform you of my transfer application.

If the application concerns a family reunion: Indeed, following / at (Nature family events: birth, divorce, spouse relocation dated or illness of a close ). my mutation is needed to be close to my family and especially for (Other justifications: do not create break in the parental relationship, support XX in these very difficult times).

If the application concerns a change of job, service or establishment: Indeed, aspiring to change (specify if job, service, website ).  because of (specify the reasons for your request difficulties within the current team, health problems, experience will allow me to move my current position / in our establishment) my mutation would be the opportunity to direct my career differently / beneficial in my recovery / best for my health (adapt).

If you are targeting any particular job: I stand and at your disposal for consider promptly any change project.  that fit my qualifications, on / site area (If you are targeting a particular place).

If you aim for a vacancy: I present you as a candidate for the post of (job Type) currently open (possibly specify the position of the site), for which I think match the profile sought.  and I am at your disposal to discuss it. thanking you in advance for the consideration you give to my application, please accept, Madam / Sir (title), the expression of my respectful greetings.



transfer request letter

transfer request letter

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