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Colleges don't want you to be well-rounded. They want overall good people, not just smart people. It is essential to remain true to yourself and to concentrate on what you would like to do, not what a college would like you to do. College was never a huge secret. Colleges love to realize that you're interested about something, and not simply at a club level. In the event the college or university stipulates no guidance or assistance, here are a few general ideas about what to include and what not to include.

Students have the option of using drag-and-drop or uploading individual files in their lockers. As an example, students with higher GRE scores often get admission in highly desired academic courses. The students have a great deal of attention-span troubles, and it's tricky to make certain that the youngster is concentrating on the lesson. Pike High School students gain from an extensive collection of academic offerings developed to fulfill the requirements of students at each degree of the learning spectrum.

To specify a positive example, teachers must stick to an ethical code of conduct to demonstrate professionalism. Every teacher has a unique day-to-day, states Coffin. Teachers can be considered a guiding light as they play an essential role in shaping the life span of several individuals. For instance, a teacher's resume might list differentiation for a skill. Though you could be an exceptional teacher, you must highlight how you may be an outstanding administrator to be able to be considered for the position.

True, every kid is special. Parents and teachers shouldn't take drugs or alcohol facing their children as it would set a poor example and a youngster is going to be tempted to try out stuff. By making employees aware that you're invested in helping them advance their career opportunities even if this means leaving your business, you will spend less and earn trust.

Knowing what type of job you would like is 1 thing. Assuming you have discovered a job which you would like, the next thing to do is to locate companies offering such jobs in socially conscious industries. Another fool proof approach to discover a job is to attend job fairs and trade shows which take place every day at major convention centers throughout the nation. If you are searching for a teaching job, you require help. If you are searching for a teaching job you are able to get assistance from website to produce an attractive cover letter for you.

You going to get to work two job. It will be quite interesting to find out what type of job I have five years from now. The very last thing that you want to do is apply for work in education with a subpar resume.

When it has to do with boosting your resume, not all jobs are made equal. Ideally, it's far better to locate a summer job which aligns with the your passion. however, it isn't always simple to find one, so concentrate on finding something which is convenient, close by, and pays no less than a minimum wage. There are many summer work in retail.

Unlike teachers, the part of the coach isn't to feed you information except to reframe situations and supply the appropriate resources for you to make the improvements you should make. Involvement in extracurricular activities is a big benefit. The part of a teacher remains the exact same in our society. If you have the ability to nab an administrative assistant part in your field of interest, it can be an excellent segue into the job that you want later on.

When looking to obtain a job for a teacher, find approaches to highlight the next characteristics and qualifications which will help the principal in meeting her or his targets. Turning into a Principal or Vice Principal is a completely different ball game in the specialty of education. Furthermore, and probably above all, principals today must function as the instructional leader of the building. Furthermore, higher school principals face pressure to improve graduation rates and college admissions, and maintain superior sports teams and other extracurricular pursuits.

You bring on an advisor since they know more about a particular area that you yourself are attempting to find out more about. Now, the advisor is beneficial for allowing you to find prospective buyers for the firm. Advisors play the function of offering advice. Right mentor is really a Gift. Furthermore, you can learn more on the subject of education careers on Monster. Furthering your education is almost always an amazing idea and it's far better explore your options as soon as it comes to going to a trade school or college. Some programs will limit you to a single page while some would like you to comment on specific abilities like leadership and community services.

Thomas Brady

123 Mesopotamia Drive, Maynard, MA 01754

617-655-1234    ·    thomas.milton.brady@gmail.com




  • Experienced secondary math teacher fully committed to improving all my students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, and core math abilities.
  • Proficiency in Spanish, strong commitment to success of ELLs in my classroom.
  • Innovative use of technology such as graphing calculators, Smartboard, and online class discussions to promote student creativity and excitement about learning.
  • Enthusiastic collaborator with history of contributing to the larger life of the school – key player in planning and leading retreats, service-immersion trips, and professional development days.




Boston College, Lynch School of Education                                                            Chestnut Hill, MA

M.A.T. in Secondary Education (Mathematics)                                                                       May 2011

GPA 3.73

University of Tennessee                                                                                               Knoxville, TN

B.A., Double Major in English and Mathematics                                                                    May, 2009

GPA: 3.67




Massachusetts Certification, Mathematics, Grades 7-12, pending

  • Communications and Literacy Skills Test – Passed April 17, 2007
  • Subject Test: Mathematics – Registered to take May 12, 2007


Teaching Experience


Mathematics and Science Teacher, St. Alphonse School, Boston, MA                  Fall, 2011-present

  • Taught Algebra I, Geometry, Honors Anatomy & Physiology courses in all-girls urban school with a mission for teaching the whole person through education and service.
  • Designed instruction that focused on problem-solving and critical thinking through guided inquiry, real-world connections, and reflection.
  • Integrated cooperative learning activities for students to create a sense of community, develop communication skills, demonstrate their strengths, and reduce students’ math anxiety.
  • Coordinated and led multiple professional development seminars on lesson planning and cooperative learning for faculty and other local Catholic schoolteachers.
  • Assisted in planning and leading grade-level annual retreats, service-immersion trips, and freshmen orientation week to build community and spirituality among students and staff.

Full Practicum, Thomas Dewey High School, Waltham, MA                                            Spring, 2011

  • Taught two junior English classes (20+ students per class) in urban school for a full 12-week term.
  • Designed unit on creative short stories; plugged in vocabulary lessons using various methodologies to address different learning styles; unit culminated with students writing a short story.
  • Executed creative lessons in high pressure situations: reviewed grammar rules material in game show fashion while the Boston Public School Intervention Team observed.
  • Designed instruction that focused on problem-solving and critical thinking through guided inquiry, real-world connections, and reflection.
  • Integrated cooperative learning activities for students to create a sense of community, develop communication skills and demonstrate their strengths.

T. Brady, page 2

Pre-Practicum, Paul Cellucci High School, Marblehead, MA                                                Fall, 2010

  • Collaborated with cooperating teacher to grade critical essays for a sophomore English class.
  • Observed numerous teachers modeling different methods, such as a lecture, class discussion, and collaborative grouping.
  • Lectured on the Russian Revolution as it pertains to Animal Farm.
  • Tutored students on the writing process, providing insight into what makes good writing.
  • Planned and executed a creative lesson on propaganda using collaborative groups and relating the concept to the students’ lives.


Teacher/Counselor, Knoxville Youth at Risk, Knoxville, TN                                         Summer, 2010

  • Taught and mentored 46 motivated urban 6th and 7th graders in a summer day program.
  • Implemented creative mathematics lessons on fractions and decimals, often using models, diagrams, and games.
  • Met with parents to encourage their active involvement and to resolve disciplinary issues.


OTHER Experience


Manager, Caffeine Café, Knoxville, TN                                                               June 2009-May 2010

  • Supervised a staff of 12 employees; mediated disputes between employees and took disciplinary action when needed.
  • Recruited, interviewed, and hired four new employees for wait staff positions.
  • Collaborated with owner and other managers to make improvements such as new menu items.



Wilderness Trainer, UT Outdoor Leadership Trips, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN     2008-2009

  • Collaborated with 5 other steering committee members to plan trips for 150+ sophomores, set goals and guidelines of organization, interview and select new leaders by group consensus.
  • Committee increased participation in program by 27% over previous year through intensive networking and use of social media.
  • Co-led backpacking trips to train student leaders.
  • Helped students grow as leaders and as people – led discussions on group dynamics and leadership, ran first-aid simulations, taught minimum-impact camping skills.

Tour Guide, Admissions Office, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN                                     2007-2009

  • Provided tours for up to 25 prospective students and families, discussing campus life and academics.




Language:      Proficiency in Spanish (4 years college-level study)

Computers:     PC and Macintosh: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint); Macromedia Flash, iMovie, Kid Pix, Super Paint

Other:             CPR, First Aid Certified



Chinese plate balancing, juggling, chess, archery, cooking Chinese cuisine

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