Senior CV: Writing a CV, after a certain age


Recruiters never lingering long time when reading resumes, and instead follow their first impression. A well-written resume is therefore crucial if we want to get an interview. Writing can become a perilous exercise for older candidates who lost the hand ...

Indeed, it has been shown that despite their experience and skills, seniors face more difficulties in the labor market because they are perceived as being closer to retirement age. This shows the importance of the CV.

The main advantage of seniors is their experience, coupled with the expertise accumulated during the years of exercise. However, for seniors, it is still obvious to summarize dozens of years of work in just a few lines.
Thus, it is to showcase these skills, while synthesizing the maximum. The resume should not be too long (maximum two pages), the outline of your career being immediately visible to the reader. Needless to dwell on the debut, concentrate instead on the most important jobs you have held, and note some concrete and significant achievements.

Modernize its CV is also a key step not to seem "old fashioned". Thus, consider updating your diplomas if they have changed names since. A current layout is also important because the first impression plays a lot. And finally, another modern touch to a link as the social network LinkedIn, for example, even more value to your profile.

The goal here is to get noticed by recruiters, getting the chance to get an interview, where you can show all your motivation.

As to the question show his age on the resume or not, everyone is free to adopt its own strategy

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