Resume Sample Writing For Fresh Graduate Pdf





  • Your marketing tool to prospective employers in industry
  • A concise one to three page document that highlights your most relevant experiences and skills tailored to each position to which you are applying


Tip: Create a master resume of all your experiences and accomplishments. Use this record to write a one to three page tailored resume for each position you apply for highlighting your most relevant qualifications.




  • An academic version of a resume that provides a professional archive of all your experiences related to your academic career


  • For graduate students, a CV is typically a few pages. Length can be determined by the amount and depth of your experiences.
  • A CV should then be tailored to the position you are applying for by ordering your sections from most to least relevant


  • Use your CV as a professional archive and keep it updated with all your accomplishments
  • Tip: Consider consulting with a faculty member or advisor for advice and feedback on your CV because they often serve on hiring committees and have experienced an academic job search.



  • Make a list of your experiences: Education, research, teaching, publications/presentations, organizations, etc.
  • Think about your contributions, skills you used and developed, and your significant achievements
  • Begin to craft your resume or CV by organizing these experiences into sections (examples below)

There are many sections that could be a part of your document. It is important to keep in mind that your document should be specific to your experience and the position for which you are applying. You have flexibility in the choice, naming, and placement of sections. While your contact information and education are usually listed first, other sections can be in any order, based onyour strengths and the requirements of the position or opportunity. If you are unsure if you should provide a resume or a CV, you may want to contact the organization directly to see which they prefer.

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