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The nursing process is generally interpreted as a problem-solving approach in a systematic way to provide nursing care to any person.

As for the characteristics of the nursing process include:

Is the frame of mind in providing nursing care to clients, families, and communities.

Regular and systematic nature.

Are interdependent with one another

Provide nursing care individually

the client becomes the center of and appreciate the strength of clients

Can be used under any circumstances

In the process of nursing there are four stages, namely:

• 1. The study of

Basically the purpose of the study is to collect data objectively and subjectively from the client. As for the data that is collected includes client, family, society, the environment, or culture. (Mc Farland & mc Farlane, 1997)

As for things to note during the assessment include:

Understand the overall situation that is being faced by the client by way of paying attention to the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and sosialkultural that could affect the status of his health.

Gather all the information concerned with the past, nowadays even even something that could potentially be a problem for the client in order to create a complete database. The data collected comes from the nurse-client interaction and other sources. (Gordon, 1987; 1994)

Understand that the client is the primary source of information.

Secondary information sources include family members, people who played an important role and client health records.

Methods of data collection include the following:


History health/nursing

Physical examination

Collect data supporting the results of laboratory and other diagnostic and health (medical record).

• 2. Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing diagnoses are subjective and objective data are analyzed to make nursing diagnosis. Nursing diagnosis involves a complex process of thinking about the data collected from clients, family, medical record, and other health services.

The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA, 1992) defines nursing diagnosis decision kind of clinics that include client, family, and community response to something potentially yan as a health problem in the process of life.

In making the diagnosis of nursing skills required of a good clinic, covering the process of nursing diagnosis and formulation in making statements of nursing.

Nursing diagnosis process is divided into a group interpretation and warrant the accuracy of diagnosis of the nursing process itself. Formulation of nursing diagnosis statement has several terms i.e. having knowledge that can tell the difference between something actual, risks, and potential in the nursing diagnosis.

• 3. Intervention

Nursing intervention is a description for the specific behavior expected of patients and/or action that should be performed by a nurse. The intervention is carried out to assist patients in achieving the expected results.

Nursing interventions must be specific and clearly stated. credentials such as how, when, where, frequency, and magnitude of delivering the content of the planned activity. Nursing interventions may be divided into two self-contained i.e. done by nurses and collaborative that is done by other care givers.

• 4. The evaluation of the

Evaluation refers to the assessment, stages, and repair. At this point the nurse found the cause why a nursing process can succeed or fail. (Alfaro-LeFevre, 1994)

Nurses find the reactions of clients against nursing intervention that has been given and set what became the targets of the plan of nursing can be accepted. Planning is the foundation that supports an evaluation.

Reassign new information given to clients to replace or remove the nursing diagnosis, nursing interventions, or purpose.

Specify the target of a result to be achieved is a joint decision between the nurse dank lien (Yura & Walsh, 1988)

The evaluation focuses on the individual clients and groups of clients itself. Evaluation process requires some skills in the nursing care plan., including knowledge of standard nursing care of client response, the normal to the nursing Act, exemplary concepts and knowledge of nursing.

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