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The Produce Clerk is responsible Job Description:

1.Customer service - Produce clerks must respond to the customer's questions and requests in a courteous and helpful way.

2.Unload truck - Produce clerks are responsible for unloading the incoming produce trucks using a powered or manual pallet jack and transferring the pallets to the cooler storage area to be broken down. (Individuals must be at least 18 years of age to operate powered equipment).

3.Preparing produce - All produce must be washed and trimmed and, if necessary, wrapped.

4.Stocking shelves in the produce area - Produce clerks must be able to identify and dispose of all produce, which is no longer suitable for sale. Ice is retrieved on caddies and shoveled into the display cases. Produce is brought, via carts, from the cooler storage area to the display cases in the store and then is stocked into the cases per Kroger specifications. All produce must be rotated. The produce is hand stacked, which results in frequent and awkward wrist posture and repetitive motions of the hands.

5.Cleaning the work area - The produce shelves and display cases must be cleanedcontinually, the produce and back room floors swept and mopped, and the mirrors polished. This involves contract with water and various cleaning products.

6.Work location - Produce clerks must stand or walk for up to 4 hours at a time and frequently bend, reach, and exhibit repetitive movements of the hands and awkward wrist postures.

The Produce Clerk is also responsible for the following ADDITIONAL DUTIES which may become ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS depending on the particular store, availability of personnel, time of day, etc.: Transporting cases of produce and associated food
products from the cooler storage by loading them onto carts which are pushed to the produce area, and placing the product in the display cases, all of which involves working in and out of cold storage area; lifting cases weighing as much as 80 lbs. from as low as floor level to as high as waist level and lifting cases weighing an average of 40 pounds from floor level to shoulder level; using knives (assistance may be required in lifting items weighing more then 45 lbs.), garbage disposals, and wrapping machines to prepare the produce for sale; removing the produce; ice, and racks for thorough cleaning of the display cases; disposing of all un-sellable produce and carrying this trash to the dumpster; and (if at least 18 years of age) operating the baler.

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Produce Clerk Resume Sample

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