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Mary Ann Johnson

111 Oak St., #303, Mountain View, CA 94720         Cell: 510-000-000


Career Profile

Creative, persuasive, deadline-driven writer, editor and project manager with a passion for health and wellness. Skills include project management, writing of print and web content, substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, medical writing, acquisitions, contract negotiation, video production, research and analysis, public speaking, and marketing.

Professional Experience

Greenview Medical, Mountain View, CA, 2009–Present

Greenview Medical is an integrated care system that includes Catholic Health Services, Greenview Medical Clinic, Greenview Medical Foundation and Greenview Medical Institute.

Health Education Writer, 2010–Present

  • Coordinated and developed patient education materials and web content for Catholic Health Services and various Greenview Medical clinics.
  • Collaborated with physicians and other clinical professionals to create strategy for delivering high-quality patient education programs using needs assessment tools.
  • Compiled, wrote and edited patient education materials with internal clinical experts in the areas of bariatric surgery, eating disorders and pediatric obesity to create customizable patient binders. Binders allowed patients to have all their needed materials in one location.

Developmental Editor, International Diabetes Center, 2009–2010

  • Planned and developed high-quality diabetes education publications.
  • Effectively led project development teams by creating and nurturing a strong team atmosphere with clinical partners.
  • Communicated complex health and scientific concepts to patients written in a fifth grade reading level or below.

Pinehurst Foundation, Mountain View, CA, 20002009

Pinehurst is a private alcohol and drug-addiction treatment center. The Publications division provides research-based educational materials to professionals and clients.

Acquisitions Editor/Video Producer, 2002–2009

  • Acquired, developed and edited research-based curricula pertaining to substance abuse/dependence in a treatment center, health care and criminal justice setting.
  • Played a leading role in developing publishing strategy and ensuring the publication of curricula to meet a $5 million net revenue goal.


Pinehurst Foundation, Cont.

Acquisitions Editor/Video Producer, 2002–2009, Cont.

  • Completed profit and loss statements and consistently met budget requirements.
  • Regularly reviewed research- and evidence-based practices in the areas of criminal justice and chemical dependency treatment.
  • Hired and supervised freelance writers, editors and video production companies.
  • Actively pursued project acquisitions at national/international conferences.
  • Worked closely with authors, marketers and copy editors from manuscript development through publication.
  • Negotiated contracts with authors, attorneys, government agencies and literary agents.
  • Handled all managerial tasks in addition to regular job duties during supervisor’s nine-month leave of absence.

Acquisitions Editor, Healthful Living, 2000–2001

  • Acquired, developed and edited self-help and health care books for trade market.
  • Developed and edited trade and professional books, video scripts and curricula.
  • Coordinated public events for organization’s 50th anniversary celebration.
  • Evaluated trade proposals for publication.
  • Approved marketing copy prior to publication.

University of California–Berkeley, 19902000

Managing Editor, Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry, 1998–2000

Assistant to the Editor, Journal of Dental Research, 1994–1997

Assistant to the Director, Dental Research Institute, 1990–1993

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Arts, English, University of California–Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Certified Toastmaster, Toastmasters International, 1999

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