Letter for CEOs and managers


Applicants who want to become Executive (CxO) or Managing Director, writing is still a cover letter? If Yes, what is it? And how can the essential action orientation of top managers in the letter expressed bring?

Is the CEO letter not superfluous?

Yes, some headhunter says, because he knows that future Board members and Managing Director nor other executives like to write letters.

No, says the practice of application, because you want to not just make a curriculum vitae as Executive summary without a personal statement to the targeted top leadership position in the space?

CxO letter is a letter of motivation, that content should answer these questions:

-What motivates you personally?

-What specific industry experience and often also international experience do you have?

-What can you do for the new company in a clearly outstanding position?

- And what do you as an example clearly your innovation and success orientation?

Formally apply in addition:

-The cover letter should be up to a page long, finally, it is part of a decision template for professional many readers who quickly decide - and want to.

-The common application requirements for cover letter apply here as well: several paragraphs, arguments, readable font size, title, subject structured, reference, etc.

How to impress supervisory boards, boards of Directors, venture capital and privateequity partners?

Basically, the CxO letter serves the self marketing. An action-oriented, credible andconfident appearance attracts positive attention.

A complete listing of all of the arguments that speak for the candidate or the candidate is neither in the CxO letter still in other cover letter for executive positions possible - and also not in demand. You should list selected achievements focused.

Keep in mind that what you have is responsible for, supervised, managed, initiated,pushed to or thought about is important, but what was the result.

Add the definition and sustainable implementation of strategies in the foreground -in relation to the new job -.

Your cover letter should answer these questions:

-Have you made through your middle management directly for the execution of your strategies?

- Or in a large enterprise strategy responsibility Division Director, Branch Manager and other top executives delegate and controlled?

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