lawyers assistant resume sample


(curriculum vitae)

Zlata Kovacevic
Flower Valley 20.7
76 000 Brcko
Telephone: +387123456787
Mobile: +387123456788
E - mail:


  1. 1997 - 2002 University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Law,
    acquired title: graduated lawyer
  2. 1988 - 1992 School of Economics, Brcko,
    acquired title: economic technician

Work experience

  1. November 2003 - July 2004 Private law firm "Justice", lawyer's assistant
    responsibilities: analysis of the collected data and information on new cases, record-keeping, preparation of preliminary agreements and contracts, archiving ...
  2. September 2002 - October 2003 Television "Lipa", external associate for the preparation of original contract
    responsibilities: preparation and drafting copyright agreements in accordance with the internal regulations and regulations of CRA
  3. September - December 2000 Faculty of Law, development and participation in the research project: "Human Rights in BiH in the context of compliance with the standards of the European Union '
    responsibilities: data collection, analysis and presentation of research results
  4. April - September 2000 "Researcher", the interviewer
    responsibility: collecting data regarding the economic and political expectations on the eve of local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Professional development and training

  1. November 2003 - April 2004 Project of the European Union to respect the rights of national minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the auspices of the "Better Dream", Sweden, certified to build the capacity of institutions for the protection of rights of national minorities
  2. May - June 2004 Seminar on the theme: "Gender equality in BiH", an initiative of the "Gender", Mostar, a certificate of knowledge of the issues in the field of gender equality

Other skills and knowledge

  1. Computer literacy (MS Office 2000 - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet ...)
  2. Foreign languages:
    - German; reading - excellent, writing - good, verbal communication - basic knowledge
    - English; reading - excellent, writing - good, verbal communication - basic knowledge


  1. John Smith, Programme Manager: "Better Dream", Stockholm, contact tel. 123456777
  2. Annet Jackline, head of the Initiative: "Gender", Mostar, contact tel. 123456778
lawyers assistant resume samplelawyers assistant resume sample

lawyers assistant resume sample

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