How to Write a Resume Work Experience


Work experience should be written Note:

1, writing can show you the advantages of work experience

2, the date to weaken the Age Discrimination

3, cover employment history interrupted

4, plus volunteer work experience in the work experience

5, so that your ascension process at a glance

The owner will be very attentive to resume work experience in this section. After reading the job objective, work experience is one of the elements of their first concern. They want to know your history, you have where you work, work long. They want to figure out is, "You are a reliable person?", "You can play out there?" The most important thing is whether you fit their vacancies.

Well written work experience is very important.

The work you have done to write in what position you use depends on what type of resume format. If you use a chronological resume format type, your work experience account for the middle part of the resume. If you choose a functional resume format, resume work experience will be placed on the lower end. Handle writing through the following challenges:

1, the date is too far away, it would lead to age discrimination.

2, too little employment experience that you are too young in it.

3, the lack of work experience broken.

4, the same company in various positions.


The following us one to solve.

1, with age discrimination fight

When writing experience you will ask: "My work experience should be traced back to when?" This is a good question. In general, the review of work experience do not exceed

Over 10 years. What should write when work experience, consider the following tips:

First, the earliest work and your job search goals much.

Second, you want to show a little age resume.

Age discrimination is illegal, but in any case, the employer generally will determine your age based on the date resume. Most employers in the ideal candidate when considering specific work will consider the age range. Well written resume than using your actual age, so that employers face with date to determine whether your age is the ideal age for the job.

35-year-old Sally pending clothing store salesman. The clothing stores cater to the needs of young professional women. Sally think employers may want employees in about 25 years, because employers want a suitable shop image, it will not work for many years and expectations are high because of the young employee remuneration.

In order to make themselves appear to be an ideal candidate, Sally decided to just own experience wrote five years ago, the country as employers may:

First, the 20-year-old career as a starting point.

Second, plus five years of work experience.

Third, make at least a 25-year-old Sally conclusion.

Similarly, in the education section, Sally wrote his degree, but not to write graduation time, because it will reveal her actual age.

Sally resume on all dates is true, but there is no write all the dates. In the interview, she had the opportunity with enthusiasm, professional demeanor and reasonable salary requirements to sell themselves to meet the needs of the ideal candidate for the employer. If you cut to avoid age discrimination and the practice of work experience feel uncomfortable, you can "work experience" This section is called the "relevant work experience" or "recent experience"

2, invisible interruption

Employers do not want to see your work experience interruption. They did not want you to explain this period of employment, especially hope you can explain something to do with the job more or less objective, or at least be able to show the characteristics of character for you. At this point you can write only way to solve the year. When writing the date of the year working experience just you write, do not write the month. The use of the year, the employer can quickly understand the length of time. Year also cover not less than two years of work experience.


If you have your own company, do not explain in your resume. In the recruitment world, people always think that once a person's own work, they would not be a good employee, the country is self-employed people like to be the boss, always driven by interests. Described the experience of self-employed can take to their work a particular way call. The title should be possible to support your current job objective.

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