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how to write a good resume

how to write a good resume

The term résumé or curriculum vitae list indeed is not something new for those who have entered the gates of the world of work, because a resume is one of the terms that are very important for the world of work.

In the business world, the term is often called the resume CV (Curriculum Vitae). According to KC Bay, resume formal sales presentation is actually a self important.
In preparing a resume, three things need to be done:
1. finding the important information (the essence)
2. Plan your resume
3. create a resume
Find important information
Before you create the resume, the first step is to find the important information that is relevant to the desired. Can be done with the analysis of the self (self analysist), analysis of career (carrier analysis) and analysis of job (job analysis).
a. Self Analysis
Self analysis will help identify yourself in depth including recognize the advantages and disadvantages.
b. analysis of the Career
In conducting this analysis, we also make and mejawab all the questions related to careers in the future.
c. analysis of the work
College graduates do not have work experience. The early stages of enter the workforce, the company provides training and orientation program for new employees.
Resume Planning
In planning your resume there are 3 things:
a. career goals
To note in advertising jobs are some of the positions needed by job seekers. There are jobs that use the English language and the language of Indonesia. And we have to decide which position will we choose to become career goals.
b. personal information
The personal data listed in the resume is the name, place, and date of birth, home address, gender. We can add other data relating to the work we choose and we must pay attention to the terms of the personal characteristics and employment before lodging the application and create a resume.
c. References
A reference is a certain people that give you a letter of recommendation, which contains a variety of things they know about us. People give reference would add credibility Enhancer reference. One of the advantages in using a reference on his resume is to assure to the organization or job seeker or corporate about our positive achievements and abilities.

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