HomeSchool Teacher Resume


Home schooling in the language translated as the school at home. In terms we could describe as formal learning activities performed at home. Home schooling is actually the process of teaching and learning between teachers and students that its activities there in the House. Just like learning in school.

But, home schooling is not a school activity that moved into the home. Home schooling is done when a child is experiencing some barriers to attending educational institutions in General as experienced barriers to adaptation with friends, is too weak in the learning process, too clever, or because of reasons such as the flurry of celebrities. They or their parents finally signed up to the agencies that provide home schooling.

Home schooling institution is a formal institution that gets the legality of the Government. These institutions provide teacher educators who came to the House to give students learning as a teacher at the school in General.

Home schooling at the Institute level equal to the level of the school in General. Students who study in home schooling institution could eventually got on par with ijasah students studying in public schools.

The difference with public schools, home schooling more operates on individual attention. If public school teachers face more than 30 students in one class, then in the home schooling is only one on one or one on one. Therefore the attention of teachers can be poured out to the students.

If home schooling is equal to private tutoring? Not the same. Private tutoring is an activity to help students further deepen the material in school. While home schooling is the process of teaching and learning formal school students performed at home.

Homeschool Teacher Resume

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