heavy metal craft resume sample


(curriculum vitae)

Zlatko Kovacevic
fragrant alleys 31.6
76 000 Brcko
Telephone: +387123456789
Mobile: +387123456799
E - mail: zlatko.k@yahoo.com


  1. 1993 - 1997 Mixed Technical School, Tuzla
    achieved position: locksmith
  2. 1984 - 1992 Elementary school, Brcko

Work experience

  1. November 1998 - March 1999 turnery workshop "Metalco" doo Tuzla
    responsibility: production of various metal constructions and heavy metal craft products
  2. September 2000 - March 2001 "Magnetiffico" doo Brcko
    responsibilities: merging metal structures welding (arc and CO 2), soldering and riveting

Professional development and training

  1. November - December 2002, "The acquisition of knowledge to read and understand technical drawings and technical documents," an intensive course organized by the NGO "Stepping Up", municipality of Brcko
  2. May - July 2003, "Getting to know and comply with the provisions and principles of quality standards", course organized by "Stern Gmbh", Germany

Other skills and knowledge

  1. Computer literacy (Word, Excel, Internet ...)
  2. Foreign language:
    - German; reading - good, writing - good, verbal communication - basic knowledge


  1. Janet Storm, head of "Stepping", tel. 123456666
  2. Elisabeth Green, Head of "Gmbh Stern", tel. 123456667
  3. "Stepping Up", the head of the production hall, tel. 123456668
heavy metal craft resume sample

heavy metal craft resume sample

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