hair stylist cover letter

hair stylist cover letter sample

hair stylist cover letter sample

The barber - hairdresser draws wigs and hairpieces, and then the manufacture and installation. It can work for individuals (personal aesthetic, disease, etc.) and for the arts and entertainment (costumes, staging, etc.)

This highly technical business requires a specific tailored training , the barber is a graduate of Bachelor professional barber hairdresser Coiffure and extra training of makeup wig.

It is  important to highlight in his letter, diplomas, technical quality and creativity. hairdresser job colorist.

example of an cover letter :


It is with great interest that I learned that your company shows preparing a new musical on the theme of the Renaissance for next year.

A graduate of the prestigious Ecole Alfred Mayor of Lille, I specialized in hairstyles and wigs event.

During the last five years, I prepared hairstyles and hairpieces for several troops of actors and singers performing at the Palais des Congres in Paris. I also had the opportunity to demonstrate my creativity by working for Dior in their last parade.

In addition to my technical knowledge, this profession requires dexterity and artistry that I could put to your advantage independently.

Mastering the most complex techniques of the trade, I beg you to please find enclosed a book of my greatest achievements.

Hoping to see you soon, please receive, Madam, Sir, my most respectful greetings.

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