Cover Letter : Tips and Examples


A cover letter should be convincing. Here are some tips to write well when you apply for a job.


As its name suggests, the letter serves to demonstrate your motivation, to add information to your resume and you decide if tied with other candidates. So you have to bring him the greatest care and avoid to the maximum all banalities and some frequent errors.

The cover letter may possibly be accompanied by a letter of recommendation written by one of your previous employers.


To write your cover letter, you can rely on our sample application letter . You can even use our own models to a specific job, as our cover letter for an internship for example.

But whether you use or not a sample letter, better read the formalism following tips before writing your mail. A careful reading of these formal rules may allow you to avoid mistakes often considered as qualifiers by recruiters when to sort applications.

Form and presentation

As for the CV, the cover letter is subject to some great basic rules it is better to observe:

  • use a white sheet of paper of A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm)
  • the letter can be typed or handwritten computer: in all cases, it should not exceed one page and should not be written recto / verso,
  • resume your marital status as on your resume, the top of the page, left or center,
  • right below, indicate the name and address of the person to whom you write,
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and inattention and avoid using familiar terms,
  • try to write right, if not quite to the top,
  • adopt a more readable writable,
  • Avoid erasures,
  • make distinct paragraphs,
  • Always finish with a salutation ,
  • sign your name at the bottom of page to right
  • proofread yourself before sending.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • striped paper, graph or color;
  • ink red, green or purple;
  • the pen drooling;
  • irregular margins;
  • contiguous paragraphs;
  • tangled signature;
  • the letter written by a third party;
  • no date;
  • photocopied the letter;
  • Type the letter not registered.

Construction and paragraphs

Whatever the destination of your letter and the purpose of your letter, the content should be limited to four paragraphs (initials: §)

  •  I speak to you;
  •  I speak of myself;
  •  I announce my CV;
  •  the salutation .

Response to a classified ad

  •  take the exact data of the ad, take the features of the required profile;
  •  match between your profile and the profile of the desired position, salary expectations if they are requested;
  •  announce your resume, make your intention to reconnect;
  •  take leave with a salutation. The most classic: "the expression of my distinguished feelings" or "Sincerely."

Send a spontaneous application

  • express why you chose to contact this company, show your knowledge of the company;
  •  highlight your strengths in relation to the position you are applying, emphasize your motivation;
  •  announce your CV;
  •  take leave.

Internship search

  •  indicate the course of study, prepared the degree and pattern of your internship, also indicate the duration and the desired dates;
  •  Explain why you chose this company and its relevance to your training, show your motivation and goodwill;
  •  announce your CV, it is fairly complete, otherwise go to §4;
  •  take leave.

Express ideas and avoid mistakes

Ideas to express absolutely

  • your qualities;
  • your skills ;
  • your motivation;
  • your availability ;
  • your fit with the post.

Advice recruiters

  • stay as neutral as possible;
  • be positive;
  • do not start;
  • do not be neither too small nor too pretentious!

Also avoid too spread on the description of the company where you are applying. Most of the time, these trivialities of little use to your recruiter. In this matter, try to keep it simple and focused.

To avoid absolutely

  • start every sentence with "I";
  • fall in the administrative style;
  • starting with platitudes;
  • spread its problems;
  • to bluster;
  • summarize his CV;
  • blame bad luck;
  • be provocative.

And above all do not lie! Recruiters have the means to check your claims (by calling your former employers or school for example) and you are liable to penalties.

Examples of unfortunate terms

  • "I desperately need a job for a year";
  • "I'm divorced (e) and have four children";
  • "I miss my home";
  • "I have no professional experience";
  • "My training appear to you can be a little fair."

Essentials mentions

  • the four paragraphs;
  • the top header to the left with your marital status;
  • the recipient of the letter;
  • the date and the city of shipment;
  • the label on the margin or paragraph: "Director";
  • the treatment of the title in the salutation: "I beg you to accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration";
  • signature, placed leaving a space after the last line of your text, as simple as possible. It should not be followed by the resumption of your name.



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cover letter template

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