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The cover letter is a key element of your application if you are looking for a job as a nurse. To help you write your letter of application, you can help yourself to the example of letter type that follows.

To write your cover letterĀ  you can take this model of letter by personalizing it, that is to say. adapting the desired criteria for nursing vacancy and exposing the different assets for which feel match the coveted job. This is so that your complete application letter at best your CV.

Name - Name
Postal Code - City

Facility Name
Attn Sir / Madam (name)
or the Human Resources Department
Zip Code - City

Re: Application for a nursing job (AD)
PJ: Curriculum vitae
(city) on (date) Dear (Or just "Mrs." or "Mr." civility if the recipient is known)

If the application is following a job offer: to follow your ad to the nursing station (aD) within the service (Service name if applicable). that caught my attention more, please accept my application, for which you will find my resume attached.

If the application corresponds to an unsolicited request: Nurse (AD) confirmed (e) / recent graduate (e), let me send you my application for which you will find enclosed my curriculum attached to seize any opportunity of employment corresponding to your facility / clinic (adapt).

Since always interested (e) by the medical sector, it is natural that I turned (e ) to training for nurses (AD) to be closer to the patients, and I got my degree in State (Year).

If the candidate is experienced: Exercising and since (Year), I mastered the fundamentals of my job, especially concerning compliance with instructions, procedures and rules of hygiene for example. My experiences have also allowed me to forge my character and to develop certain personal qualities of the profession including listening, empathy and availability.

If the candidate is not experienced: In this context, I carried out several internships within (List the names of institutions 2/3 and nature: clinical, hospital).

If they allowed me to practice the basics of my work and build my first experience, they also provided the opportunity to implement certain human qualities necessary for this profession whose listening, empathy and availability.

I hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon to share all of my motivations and modalities of future cooperation. in the meantime, please accept, Madam, Sir, (Or only "ma'am" or "Sir" civility if the recipient is known) in the expression of my respectful greetings.


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Example Of Cover Letter Early Career Nurse

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