Best Resume Font

best resume fonts

best resume fonts

best resume fonts, Unbelievable but true: The font in your resume application can increase or decrease your chances of a vacancy! Although a good content, of course, comes first, can support the total picture an attractive typeface. At best, your application already shines alone by the appropriate font clarity, consistency and reliability.

With or without feet?

The nuts and bolts of a good font in the application is that it is legible. Tabu are playful, ornate or flashy fonts, like Comic Sans, Broadway or Vivaldi. A basic distinction between fonts and fonts without serifs. Serifs are the little feet or strokes on individual letters. Basically, both categories are possible in your application fonts. Some recommend counselors to use sans serif fonts for headings, for the body text (= coherent, longer text) fonts with serifs. but you can also write the text in the same font.


It is important that your resume and your cover letter are written in the same font / same fonts. This makes a good impression optically and can be seen directly that the two documents are related. Your documents so therefore act as a unified whole.

resume fonts size

To best maximum of 2 different font sizes - a smaller one for the body text, a larger one for the headers and preambles. For example, you format the text in 10 point size and the headers in 12. Alternatively, you can also choose 11 and 13 or 12 and 14th

Text highlighting

With signature award highlighting single passages through a special text formatting is meant. This includes, for example, fat , italic or underlined. Such award categories you should use very sparingly and only when you want to highlight something (for example, in headings). Under no circumstances should different types occur side by side, for example, sometimes bold, sometimes italics and underlined again.

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