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A cover letter for an application for apprenticeship contract must contain certain particulars essential. while respecting the form of rules specific to any application letter for a job. To help you write your letter of application, you can rely on the sample letter below.

Your cover letter for an apprenticeship contract must be attached to your CV . It must naturally specify the nature and the date of commencement of your apprenticeship.  training and setting out the qualifications you have to work at the desired position. You must therefore adapt the model letter.  below to your personal profile and the characteristics of the job learning for which you are applying.


Name - Name
Postal Code - City

Company name
Attn Sir / Madam (name)
or the Human Resources Department
Address Zip Code - City


Re: Application for a job in learning
PJ: Curriculum vitae

(city) on (date) Dear (Or just "Mrs." or "Mr." if civility recipient is known).

If the application follows an offer Directions: it is with great interest that I read your advertisement for the post of (job type) by learning, and I wish to share my application.

If the application corresponds to an unsolicited request: as part of my training course, I'm looking for a job (job type) apprenticeship, and I wish therefore propose my candidacy.

holder of a (Last graduation), I start a training (name of training) from (start date of training), and it is natural that I turned (e) to the way of learning to acquire the basics in the field of my future profession.

Motivated (e), reflective (e) and available, I'm determined (e) to develop my business skills to build my professional future.

with this in mind, I send you my resume as an attachment, and I hope have the opportunity to meet you and present in person my motivations and the operation of learning.

thanking you for your attention to my request, I beg you to believe, Dear (Or only "ma'am" or "Sir" civility if the recipient is known) in the expression of my highest consideration.



apprenticeship cover letter

apprenticeship cover letter

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