4 Step Building You Resume


Building your Resume !building your resume

how you can create your resume

step 1
Fill inside the blanks from the resume building worksheet, and omit or make additional headings, with respect to the purpose of your respective resume.
step 2
Transfer the knowledge using this worksheet to some computer. We don‘t recommend using templates.

step 3

Produce a resume layout using these basic guidelines :

• Produce a hierarchy and structure along with your layout. Use bold or larger typefaces to distinguish headings and place those sections from the resume which are most critical to the employer to learn at the highest. Potential employers will likely spend a typical of 10 seconds in your resume, so ensure any relevant skills or experience are simple to spot !

• Consider your audience when formatting your articles and layout. For instance, if you‘re applying for any skills based position, place your skills section near the highest from the resume.

• Select a style and format for listing employers, titles, dates and locations and stay consistent through the entire document. This helps the employer locate information quickly and simply. Use font size, capitals, bold, italics and bullets to categorize, but don’t overdo it !

• Use action verbs to explain your experiences, and avoid using a similar verb twice. Begin to see the helpful collection of action verbs later during this document as a very good starting point.

• Organize your responsibilities under each position so as of importance, and utilize past tense for jobs that you aren‘t working.

• Avoid writing your resume like a narrative, and don‘t use the pronoun “I” when listing your responsibilities.

• Be speci c along with your information aslo include numbers and dates whenever possible. However, you need not include months with years unless a position was held during twelve months for lower than six months.

• Proofread and edit your materials more than once to get rid of all errors.

• Once your resume is perfected, save a copy being an Adobe PDF le to capture all fonts and retain formatting. When submitting a resume electronically or posting it in your website, always utilize the PDF version unless instructed otherwise. Always follow the employer’s application instructions.

• When printing your resume, coordinate the paper to match the envelope used and make sure to make use of a top quality laser printer.

• Avoid using color with your resume, and produce a photocopy to ensure It‘s readable after copying. It‘s safe to assume your resume will likely continually be viewed like a photocopy by an employer.

step 4

• ALWAYS have someone proofread your resume before you decide to send it !

• Bring your resume into Career Development for revision. The Career Center staff can provide you with advice and tips to enhance your


Don‘t include names and contact information of your respective references in your resume. You simply got to include references if requested from the employer, and you are doing NOT got to utilize the phrase, “references available upon request, ” it‘s a given. If references are requested, they ought to accompany your resume like a separate document along with your letterhead at the highest. Choose references wisely, and always ask your references just before listing them if They Might mind serving like a reference. Always allowed them to know what you‘re signing up to, so when possible send them a copy of the work description.

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