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Google Docs was just introduced to the public just last week. I’ve been using it and have found some great features that were not mentioned in the introduction. We will cover some of the basic features as well as some of the great new features in this article.

– The checkbox is amazing. You can create an entire document with a single checkbox. This allows you to create multiple documents with different variations of a specific topic. For example, if you are interested in going to a professional soccer game, you can create multiple documents based on the date of the game, its location, etc. The checkbox option allows you to put just about anything into your document as long as you know the name of the topic.

– If you have multiple people at different places in the company then creating multiple documents can save you a lot of time and hassle. Google Docs allows you to drag and drop links from different people, create linked folders, and subfolders, and even drag and drop files. A real time saver!

– The live wiki type option. If you would like to keep a notebook on your desktop but would rather be able to edit the notes when you are on the road, you can do so. With this feature, you can set a timer for each page to automatically re-edit the page as you drive to a different location.

– The search box is amazing. When you use the search box you can perform quick searches such as Google, word, doc, etc. The searches will return all the results based on the topic or keyword.

– The project management tools. You can organize your projects in ways you never thought possible. You can create project folders, rename them, change their properties, copy and paste, and much more.

– There is now text file storage. This feature allows you to store your text documents on your computer, move them from one computer to another, and even view them online.

These are some of the new features of Google Docs. The checkbox option is a great feature and will help you create multiple documents on the same topic. The ability to drag and drop links is a very cool feature and is a huge time saver when creating documents.

Interactive Checklists in Google Docs BHS Instructional Tech Coach


Interactive Checklists in Google Docs BHS Instructional Tech Coach

Control Alt Achieve: Interactive Checklists in Google Docs


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Control Alt Achieve: Interactive Checklists in Google Docs

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