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Every time you click on a Gmail Auto Reply, it could be a possibility that you are being solicited by a spammer. This is a common problem that many Gmail users experience, but it can also be avoided if you take some precautions. Let’s discuss what these precautions are.

Avoid looking at ads. Ads for products and services are placed in your inbox without your knowledge, and while it’s a nice way to make money off of people who use Google, do you really want to be involved with these types of people? It’s best to avoid using the auto responder because they can be used as a way to send you advertisements.

Don’t use the same email address for everything. Gmail automatically puts all your emails into one inbox. So, you can expect to receive messages from people who also share your same email address. Since there is an increase in spam, it is best to only use the same email address for everything.

Avoid using very long or very short subject lines. The reason you should avoid these is because they are often picked up by the spam filters and removed from your inbox. Always have your subjects be short and simple. It should be something that your reader can easily remember such as: “Thank you for your help in getting this done today” or “For your help with that”.

Don’t send multiple mails within the same day. If you do you may lose some emails that may have been sent before that day. To avoid being blacklisted by the spam filters, it’s best to send one email per day and only one per hour. Avoid doing this if possible, because it would only be hurting yourself.

Don’t post advertisements that aren’t related to your business. One common way to get banned from Gmail is if you advertise for products or services related to your business. While you may be excited about sending them emails, you’ll find that you’ll have nothing to write about when you return from vacation. It’s best to avoid using auto responders to advertise, unless it’s something you know is relevant to your business.

Avoid opening in new tabs. When you try to send Gmail messages to people on your contacts list, the Gmail filter will ask you to allow it to save them on your inbox. While this can be a good way to save time on organizing and sending emails, it can also cause problems with Gmail’s automatic reply.

You can avoid getting banned from Gmail and other services by avoiding common mistakes that Gmail and other spam filters make. With the above ideas, you should be able to enjoy an experience of emailing through Gmail with as little spam as possible.

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