Fillable Cornell Notes Template

Fillable Cornell Notes Template for use in a word processing program has been created by a student who needed one to use in his college class. What was interesting is that it is actually his wife’s laptop, he designed and customized in order to be used as a template. This gives us a glimpse of the ideas, theories and concepts that are happening in today’s world.

The student also created several Cornell notes that are being taught to the students in class. These filled notes are also available for download in various sites on the internet. This student wants to share his thoughts with other people and wanted to find a place where his thoughts could be shared freely and easily.

This student used his word processing program to create this fillable Cornell notes template. He then arranged the pages in order to form the rough draft of what the template would eventually look like. It looks as if he just went into a home office, drew his images and used Microsoft Publisher to print them out and then pasted them into the template.

After the template is done, he did not use any software to format the images but instead he formatted each page according to what he originally wanted. He then pasted all the images into the Word section of his word processing program and then pasted the images he liked for the right and left side of the page. Then he included any information he wanted to include such as keywords that he wanted to use. Next he filled in the dates and the page numbers that were necessary to finish the file off.

The font was taken from a set that he found on a website. The font he chose was a serif type font that was easy to read. The page margins were taken from a bookmark tool that he found on the website. All the images were placed in the right and left corner of the page so that whenhe printed the file he did not have to add a border or any type of formatting to the pages.

This fillable Cornell notes template does have one drawback; and that is the margins. It was very difficult to get the margins right and this is probably why he still has several of these templates in his home office. In order to help him with this issue, he purchased some templates that are being sold on eBay. With the help of these templates he was able to get the right margins for his Cornell notes.

The fillable Cornell notes template is just one of the many types of templates that can be used. There are also custom templates, learning templates, technical templates and more. Many individuals will benefit from creating their own designs using this template.

Anybody can use this fillable Cornell notes template to help in the creation of their Cornell notes. Anyone who would like to share their ideas with others or anybody who would like to create a library of interesting ideas to add to their own personal notes. This fillable Cornell notes template is very helpful for creating any type of note.

36 Cornell Notes Templates & Examples [Word, PDF] ᐅ TemplateLab


cornell notes template for microsoft word – Aktin

36 Cornell Notes Templates & Examples [Word, PDF] ᐅ TemplateLab


cornell notes template for microsoft word – Aktin

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