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The assistant principal resume highlights the areas of an assistant principal’s work that you are qualified to fill. In order to make a quality impression, it is imperative that you have a well-rounded resume. There are four major sections of a perfect resume.

The first section is the teaching section, which can be found in the individual’s resume. This section outlines the year’s work experience that includes both the “post”supervise” work history. Postings should always highlight the fact that you held the position from November to November of the previous year. Supervise postings should highlight that you worked as an associate professor for the year preceding your application. Be sure to include your contact information, including name, address, and email.

The second section of a person’s job description is the education section. This section highlights how many years of experience you have with teaching students. Note that some states require experience rather than certificate. You can specify this when you complete the education section.

The third section is the teacher’s statement. This section showcases your teaching philosophies, including the format of your lesson plans, types of textbooks, and the materials used. Be sure to list any volunteer experiences you may have such as conferences or civic activities.

The fourth section of the assistant principal resume is your summary of previous supervisory experience. It is best to begin this section with your employment, including the dates of employment and supervisor. Next, list the most recent job title you held with an explanation of how long you worked with the company.

An assistant principal may also hold positions such as: counselor, aide to the principal, assistant to the president or the dean of students, director of student services, director of field service, head of human resources, assistant principal, counselor to the vice president for student affairs, program administrator, director of scholarship and financial aid, assistant administrator, director of academic programs, vice president of athletics, or assistant athletic director. Be sure to provide the department or division the position was held.

When making a sample resume, remember to list all your jobs and the title each one held, including the date you began, the length of time each held the position, and your salary and benefits as a cover letter will need to state these too. Write a letter of intent that highlights what makes you a good choice for the position, mentioning how you can best further the principal’s vision. You can write a short statement about why you were accepted to the school and how your application was handled. Be sure to include your contact information, including name, address, and email.

Having a resume is crucial when you are seeking a position as an assistant principal. Make certain to highlight all the duties and responsibilities you may have as an assistant principal, as well as any volunteering and activities you have participated in during the past year. Be sure to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring committee and why you should be offered the position.

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Bohannan Assistant Principal Resume

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